Your Online Identity

Your Online Identity

Yes, I’m a person who won’t discuss the negative side of any subject. It’s just isn’t part of the job description I’ve put to myself.

On twitter, I’ve been reading a lot ofStop faking or Be the one you are in real life endlessly, so it brought my bubble thought.

Identity is set but some people decide to self-transform it in the world of Social Media. Every person is a member in a community; communities vary; where it defines communities and comes along the person’s identity, which is never unified.

Social Media reformed routine, priorities, lifestyle, advertising, media, business development and-this-could-keep-going. Today, Social Media is inaudibly setting targets of individuals, affecting the psychological side of the brain and making up one’s new online identity. It’s setting who you really want to be.

Common scenario: Spending a countless hours on the Internet because you enjoy your online personality? Listen to the inner you, treat yourself as a product, self-brand yourself, become it!

Change yourself, to the better only. Positive change will eventually become part of you.

Don’t hide yourself, it’s still who you are. Face yourself in front of the world.

About Danah A. Taqi

PR, Marketing & SocialMedia Consultant. I stand up for HumanRights. And, I dip Watermelon in Vimto.

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    Hi Danah, Great article, virtual networking created a powerful offensive attitude within ourselves of using Political Networking rather than Social Networking.

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      Dear Jeemaz, Thank you for your comment.

      Unfortunately, in the region and due to the latest trending happenings of revolutions, citizins actions, social events and need to change; people are taking Social Media from a political / news perspective only. We can’t blame them, Social Media is the easiest way to be informed and participate in such events.

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    Mustafa aldakheel says:

    Interesting topic and a must to inlighting anyone who share his personslity with others .
    Keep up the good work

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