Turn Cupcake Into Business

Turn Cupcake Into Business

Ok.. let’s say you are the best person to go to when it comes to cupcakes. You start a blog that talks about the joy in making them, the different kinds out there, the recipes to create the fluff that you need, and the types of frosting on top. Your friends would know that you are the go-to person when it comes to cupcakes and ask you which cupcake they should get for their kids’ birthday parties.

Some of them are cupcake enthusiasts who started reading your posts and comments that you make about cupcakes. And some just know if they needed anything related to cupcakes they would know it’s in your department.

It doesn’t stop there.  You start making business cards with the job title ‘Cupcake Consultant’.  You get calls from event organizers, wedding planners, caterers and dessert chefs who would like to get your testimonial or your insight about making the right cupcake for their occasions.

Question: How to capitalize on all of that? You could start your own bakery now that you made a name for yourself.

Cupcakes can be anything that you’re passionate about. And with thought leadership you could provide a consistent content that would get others knocking on your door. Here’s a lesson in personal branding, to maintain that position not only it needs content but also a community that reacts to the content and get engaged.

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