Traditional Media on Survival Mode

Traditional Media on Survival Mode

Social responsibility should be taken into consideration when it comes to outdoor media. Few years back during the parliament elections there was a law banning the candidates’ vote-for-me boards to be displayed on the streets where the cars get distracted. With the rise of digital marketing in the past 6 years, now marketers think also about likes, tweets, visits, click-throughs, friends, followers, +1′s, and such new age marketing measurement tools online..

The traditional media is still popular today however sharing budget with global social networks is making them a bit uncomfortable.

One example is Concord, this year’s outdoor media tender-winner and giant, thought that print advertising on boards wasn’t enough so they added video ADs.

This method helped them to keep their heads above water. I found their giant TV screens quite entertaining on traffic lights, but there was one that’s on the Gulf Road that blinds me. The amount of watts in that TV is supposed to make it visible in day but ends up blinding drivers at night.

Its an accident and a lawsuit waiting to happen. Positioning the a large TV to advertise to passing cars is not like a billboard with one constant AD. Choosing to go ahead with this just to sell more media space shows negligence and lack of taste.

Traditional outdoor media sellers still can be creative without compromising the safety of its surrounding environment.

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