The Social Breakfast

The Social Breakfast

It is said that with true authenticity social media accomplishments are attained, and with great dedication and belief, one would surely craft his/her success story. I’m writing this article as a follow up for the my previous one ( The love Formula ), with a deeper scope of how companies and people can achieve a love formula without even knowing, and through following few simple human rules.

As I always believed, there is only one language that is set to prevail through out all centuries and ages; The heart language. I’m sure that most of you have encountered a heart felt situation or gesture through out the course of your lives. Perhaps, you have felt gratitude from an Asian old lady, while holding the door for her to pass, or probably, that thank you smile coming from that person in the car next to you while you give him way to take that turn. I have always said it and will continue saying it “Human beings have hearts.. try talking to these heart for a change!”

Now with all these previous words being said, I would like to share a story with you.

Like every person out there, I have created a close relationship with my tummy in general, and my cravings on a specific note “it is becoming my favorite sports nowadays” and decided to try out The Breakfast Club, due all the positive feedback I have received regarding that breakfast joint, so off I went.

I will not talk about the food, although my taste buds have declared it’s Independence Day all over with all the fireworks and all. However, I would like to talk about my social experience with the owners, and the people working in there

So here’s what happened:

  • I park my car and post this like every recent photography fanatic who recently discovered Instagram

The Breakfast Club - via @hamadalselmi

  •  I walk in there and place my name in the waiting list. “the list lady was very friendly” – 1 point
  • I could see one of the owners standing inside the shop, greeting people asking how their food was, and literally taking orders at some points.
  • My phone rings, and this message appears  “@breakfastclubkw liked your post on Instagram” – I was like impressive.
  • What even more impressive, the co-owner walks right towards me to greet me and thank me for my picture.
  • We sat, and he took our order.
  • food arrives, and it was amazing “remember the independence day fireworks my taste buds had”
  • The co-owner comes and starts a chat talking about food and asking about my experience at his breakfast joint, we also talked about social media, and how it can literally affect a business. He went on and stated that this is one of their major pillars for their business, and that they are happy to share with people their experiences. “Hamad Smiles”
  • We asked for the bill, payed and left.

10 mins. later:

  • I receive this on Instagram:

Instagram Via @hamadalselmi

I was beyond happy for two reasons:

  1. They took the extra effort and stated how my experience have made them feel glad and happy.
  2. THEY SENT THIS VIA SOCIAL MEDIA !!!!!!! “Finally !! Ladies and Gentlemen” !! A Round of Applause !!!!!!!

To wrap this up. Social media can play a big role in helping small entities in growth and gaining exposure in this highly competitive world. It brings companies and  individuals much closer to each other, and narrows down the Customer-Client gap “will be mentioned in upcoming articles”

Social media is a tool to authentically say “Thank You”

Instagram Via @hamadalselmi

Note: This was an unpaid advertisement. This article was a result of a pure human kind, heart felt interaction. This is how businesses must interact with their customers.

About Hamad Al-Selmi

P.R Manager at FASTtelco, a branding and marketing communication expert, a social media fanatic. A true believer of the HumanKind business philosophy.

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  1. 1

    Now you made me think the next time I’m in Kuwait I’m definitely going to pay this club a visit. Haha you got me all excited about it. One, cos breakfast is my fav meal of the day. Second, because you put the article in a very engaging way. At the end of the article I realized that I had a huge smile on my face like they greeted me! Haha. Funny!

    Now that’s what I call seeking true customer satisfaction. I am glad that there’s companies out there who truly genuinely seek it and not because it is a mean of advertising and attracting traffic to your business. I know now they won a customer and you’re probably going to recommend them to your friends. Guess what? You just played the word-of-mouth marketing tool on me and I’m sure going to check them out once I visit Kuwait.

    It’s 12:50 am in L.A and I’m getting hungry after reading your article – No! No eating after 7 pm.

    Very well put Hamad. Thank you :)

    Have a successful Entrepreneurial day,
    Urs in success,

    - Dee

    • 2
      Hamad Al-Selmi says:

      Hello Dee -

      Thank you for your reply, and the time spared to go through this article. Its its known that with proper,true human colors, business prosperity and customer satisfactions are inevitable.

      Now! believing is one thing, and actually taking the step and acting upon this belief is another. We reach closeness through interaction and communication, and through that we humanize our brands and businesses.

      It sends great vibes to know that this article has proven its purpose, and that it triggered something in your mind, leading to your intentions to actually visit the place.

      Thank you again, and I hope you we can win you as a frequent reader to The Media Boss.


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