The Media Boss Podcast

The Media Boss Podcast

The Media Boss Show is a weekly podcast dedicated to Marketing, Media and Business. Our goal is to help you succeed with your marketing and media efforts, and this show is for you, whether you’re expert who’s been online for years — or you haven’t even made your first move yet! We can all reach for higher levels of success in business and in life!

Our intention is to publish a new podcast each week on Thursday, along with an outline (or “show notes”.) While you will be able to listen or download episodes here on our blog, it will be soon available for you to subscribe in iTunes.

Our show includes three major segments:

  1. Featured Topic.
  2. Quick Tip.
  3. Listeners Plug.

In The Media Boss Show, you can get a “Plug” for your website or your business on this show, by calling our Listener Feedback Line and leaving a voicemail. And what we suggest you do, always call with a question, a problem, or even a success story. And just mention your website at the same time, we’ll be happy to give you a “plug”.

You do it by calling our Listener Feedback Line(s):

Line (Kuwait & International): (+965) 2227-3990


Record your voice in MP3 using any phone and send it via email:


Submit your “Plug” online via:

We’ll be delighted if you do us the honor, if you:

Follow us on Twitter: @TheMediaBossCom
Like us on Facebook: TheMediaBossCom

Until the next time, we wish you good luck. Have a great day!

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THE MEDIA BOSS mission is to educate, empower, entertain and inspire people by spreading knowledge of marketing, media and technology. We're also helping corporates, businesses and entrepreneurs share their message with the world.

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