The Death of SMS

The Death of SMS

Why is it in this day and age and with all the adverts that are being pushed on my mobile screen and all the free apps would I subscribe to any service sent to me via SMS?

Yes, not long ago mobile SMS marketing was great! Maybe with certain promotions it still works. Having a database of mobile numbers is a positive thing.

But why would I subscribe to a service that costs money where I can get an even better solution online for FREE!

No! I do not want the latest news via SMS for 750 fils! Why?! Because I can get it all the news I want online!

No! I do not want the latest advice on how to lose weight from the expert, with X amount per month via SMS!

So, let’s keep a long story short, SMS promotional services should be only informative something that is beneficial to the client. Not to push random sales schemes for the organization to benefit.

The reason I am writing this post now is because I recently noticed a twitter celebrity providing advice about a certain element on the social media platform. I thought what a nice thing to see; this person (X) is branding him/herself in the perfect way.

I thought that this could be a good case study to mention sometime in the near further. Then it all goes wrong, when I receive a SMS stating that if I wanted the latest news about a certain topic released by person X who is the same person tweeting the cost is X. Now why would you give the same information free and with money to the same public? I never got that!

The main message is to stop pushing messages on to people and get a different approach to make money from whatever you are good at or the service you are providing.

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