Saying Thank You

Saying Thank You

It is important to go back to business basics. Do you know that saying thank you is a good way to promote yourself or your business? I’m sure you do, and some people don’t! Let me tell you why is it a good way.

Everyone likes to be appreciated. This is a given! But, if you’re appreciated when you least expect it, it makes an even bigger impression on your customers. When you take time to notice people, they can’t help but notice you back!

Lately, I realize that many stores having more difficulty with the idea of personalized greetings or notes, but if they just try it. It is so much more effective than any other form of communication with your customers.

A perfect example, Caribou Coffee Kuwait, they’re personalizing their conversations with customers, and even deliver extraordinary customer service experience. That’s why I like to have my coffee in their stores. Oh when you leave the store, their staff will scream saying “Thank You!”

Saying “Thank You” is a great way to enhance your word-of-mouth marketing. People are so surprised when they get “Thank You” note. It’s been my experiences that they just have to tell their friends about your store or business.

Just say it, when people:

  1. Buy your product.
  2. Come to your event.
  3. Use your service.
  4. Come into your store.
  5. Mention your store or brand on social media.

Try it and see what happens. Let me know..

NOTE: And oh yes, thank you for reading this post :)

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