Product Launch Marketing

Product Launch Marketing

You might be thinking, it’s a marketing strategy to sell your current products as well as new products. Yes, you’re 99.99% right! You can use product launch marketing to boost the sales of your products and services.

Product launch marketing can also build your prospects and customers database, increase brand visibility, attract potential partnerships, and establish conversations with the marketplace. Perhaps you’re wondering, can product launch marketing really do all this?

The answer is “Yes, and even more.”

Product launch marketing is a proven effective way to position you above your competitors, create social proof of your product benefits, generate buzz, and even create new products.

“A company… must choose a launch strategy that is consistent with its intended positioning.  The launch strategy should be the first step in a grand plan for life-cycle marketing.”
~ Philip Kotler, Marketing Authority

Product launch marketing is also a multi-phase process that accomplishes all of these necessary tasks, step-by-step. The challenge you face manifests itself in the scarcity of your time.

Most of businesses spend more time in product development and less time in product launch marketing. A million dollar question, does your product launch plan reflect all of the money and time put into developing the product?

Based on New Product News portal, “85% of new business-to-business products don’t meet company objectives, withdrawn from market within 12-18 months!” and “95% of new consumer Products don’t meet company objectives, withdrawn from market within 12-18 months!”

As business owner or marketing professional, you must do the following:

  1. Formulate a product launch strategy and blueprint plan that accomplishes business goals.
  2. Manage the execution of your product launch for maximum conversion.

There are few things that could mess up your product launch?

  1. Not starting a conversation.
  2. The strength of your offer.
  3. Bad positioning.

The success of your launch depends on your skill-set and experience. I highly recommend reading Entrepreneurs Manual for Product Launches and Product Launches Biggest Mistakes.

About Khalid Al-Zanki

Product Launch Maven, Khalid Al-Zanki is a trusted expert at using product launch marketing to maximize online visibility, sales, build list, and establish life long joint venture relationships.

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  1. 1

    No. I was actually thinking about how pompous you sound.

  2. 3

    launch marketing – boost the sales – attract potential – effective way to position etc.., Khalid, for God’s sake who is doing all this in the local market? aren’t most of the companies casinoing in their marketing plan? who is calculating from zero? still entrepreneurs were and will always help build constructive communities to respectful Future! go social go live go everywhere go entrepreneurs!

    • 4

      Fadi, I feel most of businesses in the local market still struggling and learning from their experiences. They prefer to practice “ad-hoc” approach in executing product/service promotion, that’s the problem. Based on my personal experience with some small businesses and entrepreneurs, I’ve noticed the eagerness to adopt “Strategy Of Preeminence” to build and grow their businesses..

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