Message Boredom

Message Boredom

Let me get straight to the point; I would like to send my message out in the most understandable manner. There are 2 parts to this post; obviously this is the first one concentrating on a certain aspect and the second post will be on another.

Online vs. Offline advertising battle is ON!

I am not speaking globally; let us speak regionally. In today’s world; technology is taking over; no matter how you put it. Yes many brands have decided to advertise online and online advertising is growing. That is so good.. NOT!!!

It is believed that it is a trend and organizations are just imitating; releasing Facebook and Twitter accounts that are not very active.. As a consumer why should I care?!

Where is the creativity folks? Not even close to us. Theoretically speaking the message you send online, has a huge tendency of not being noticed due to previous interception; lack of creativity. For example; if brand X has an online campaign; once I click on their banner I see nothing but a “pushed” offer or the home page to their website I will not bother to click once again. This example relates to almost all businesses in the region!

Let us take a more positive approach

I stumble upon another online advert of brand Y; they give something interactive or an awesome video or animation to watch and discreetly mentioning their promotion; I’ll be unbelievably flattered and I will remember that, in my subconscious mind. A clever way is to also collect my contact details if I wanted to be notified with any of their upcoming news, promotions or offers. Later I get a notification that they have another promotion and I will be delighted to know what it is; hence they create brand loyalty and most probably an increase in their sales because I would have agreed to purchase something from them.

Online marketing is not a matter of a page on Facebook or/and a twitter; it is interaction and live communication with an almost immediate reply when a comment is made…. It is a long term commitment; and most importantly an investment. A way to make money from your campaigns not an image that you may be struggling to maintain online.

Do not bore users with your push messages give them something to admire you with; it is simple just with a little creativity and some sort of investment and your message will go through with the correct and optimal effect.

So since I have been preaching about interaction check this out; if you really have understood, find 2 Facebook pages that you have liked because of their style and 2 others that are not so good; maybe then you will just notice the difference, post them in the comments section and let us discuss.

Keep an eye on THE MEDIA BOSS because part 2 of the post will be released soon..

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