Marketing With Celebrities

Marketing With Celebrities

Recently we’ve noticed many businesses sponsoring and paying online and offline celebrities a lot of cash in Kuwait – I’m sure finance department aren’t happy at all. Utilizing celebrities is an approved method of getting good visibility and name recognition for your marketing and public relations needs..

Your business, products, services, places and campaigns all benefit from celebrity endorsement and/or appearances. People will stand in lines to see their favorite celebrity, take pictures with them and post it online via facebook, twitter, google+ and instagram..

Most of celebrities are TV, Radio, Newspaper and Media personalities. Don’t ever wonder how do they get hundreds of thousands or millions of followers online. They have offline brand equity and raving fans, and when they move online their fan-base will follow them.. Make common sense?

Lately, we’ve noticed businesses paying and inviting celebrities at events. Why? It brought status, credibility and exposure for the event. The RIGHT celebrity can:

  • Expand your publicity efforts.
  • Increase your online and offline visibility.
  • Make your marketing collateral stand-out.
  • Create Word-Of-Mouth buzz.
  • Attract a specific target audience.
  • Sell products and services.
  • Guarantee a successful event.

“From our experience as a magazine, featuring ‘celebs’ as approachable, real people makes for added credibility and positive feedback from readers. Interviews with celebrities are liked for many reasons, whether from our side as an editorial team providing great content, or from the point of view of readers who are always curious about the inner workings of the mind of a celebrity.” ~ Yasmine El Charif, Bazaar Magazine

I’ve personally worked and built great relationship with many local and international celebrities in the past, and help clients to get celebrities for their events, commercials and events.. Getting to the celebrities gatekeepers is not as difficult as you’d think:

  • Contact TV and Radio teams, or film studios where they work with.
  • Contact AD agencies that create their commercials.
  • Contact managers, agent, or celebrity’s public relation person.
  • Contact celebrity online using, their official website, facebook page, Linkedin and twitter account.

Finally, I’ve one advice for you; if you’re hiring a celebrity make sure you know your ultimate outcome of bringing them to your product, event or commercial. A-List Celebs are detailed oriented, cautious about their personal branding and might refuse your offer.

I just thought of sharing with you Top 10 Twitter Elite in Kuwait:

  1. Essa Ramadan: 149,621 followers.
  2. Mishari Buyabis: 133,831 followers.
  3. Mohammed Al-Washihi: 121,504 followers.
  4. Thamer Al-Dakheel: 117,609 followers.
  5. Dr. Faisal Al-Muslem: 117,304 followers.
  6. Abdulwahab Al-Essa: 110,729 followers.
  7. Abdullah Boftain: 103,961 followers.
  8. Barakat Al-Wegyan: 93,551 followers.
  9. Mohammed Al-Jassim : 81,409 followers.
  10. Dr. Sajed Al-Abdely: 74,376 followers.

Source: Twitter Grader Listing

If we exclude companies and newspapers from the list, you’ll notice one major thing beside scoring 100/100 at Twitter Grader. Most of them are media personalities with offline and online presence – Online presence (mainly on twitter) – If you’re a decision maker or a business owner, then your question is;

Do you want to hire a celebrity with massive online presence? or only offline presence? or both?

Let me know your thoughts..

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Product Launch Maven, Khalid Al-Zanki is a trusted expert at using product launch marketing to maximize online visibility, sales, build list, and establish life long joint venture relationships.

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    Thanks Khaid, now you are giving a good chance for entrepreneurs to start their media and marketing initiatives with some very well know and trusted people that can be the judge and right image of the project.

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      You’re more than welcome.. We’re collaborating together to delivered such a marketing initiative on a solid foundation. If you have any future thoughts and ideas, please dont hesitate to share it with The Media Bosses..

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