Launch Biggest Mistakes

Launch Biggest Mistakes

Let’s talk about Product Launch biggest mistakes or problems, things that go wrong or just what happen in launches that don’t achieve the expected outcomes or results. I really hate to admit this, but it happens occasionally. I thought of sharing my thoughts about these mistakes or problems, because I have noticed many launches in Kuwait which could be improved or enhanced.

As product launches get bigger and witness more launches, we have see launches that don’t go great or sometimes it fail! In my opinion, it comes down to two main problems (1) Conversion, and (2) Traffic.

Most of the problems are in conversion; actually it is triggered by the offer.

People are not getting the right offer. That’s the main thing you must to focus on, whenever you launch. Therefore, you need to spend quality time to plan your launch sequences (Pre-Pre-Launch, Pre-Launch, Launch, Post-Launch), develop your launch story, and connect with your customers or potential customers.

You MUST ask yourself the following question: “What offer would I create?”

One of the things you could do to look and monitor your market place. Are there businesses selling something similar to your products or services? What type of offers? What’s get people or customer excited? Does it answer the market needs and wants?

Studying your competitors, or successful offers in the market place is a great idea. Specially if you could figure-out that they’re doing well.

The Number One Biggest Mistake we often see; is not getting the right offer.. Businesses end up offering something that people don’t care about, and they’re not willing to spend money on! This is really could cost businesses a lot of cash, when it comes down to marketing budget or sales..

In terms of traffic, we’re talking about distribution. Obviously, if you don’t have a list of customers or prospects, then you wont be able to drive massive traffic, and even if you have a list and you do your launch right; but still you’re getting poor conversion, then you’re having problem with your offer..

To avoid the biggest mistakes, you MUST create irresistible offers and customers/prospects lists.

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