Keep THEM Curious!

Keep THEM Curious!

The key to successful marketing is meeting your potential customers wherever they are. This illustrates that you understand them and they open themselves up to being influenced by you. This is a gradual process you must feed them in bite-sized pieces that they can handle. Otherwise, they will ignore your marketing message..

Because of that people have the tendency to say “NO” immediately and not give you the time to explain how you can benefit them.

Your marketing message has to give them just enough, so they’d come back asking and wanting more. This is where your launch sequences take place, you must make sure you present your product’s benefits in a way that makes your prospects want more..

It is like playing a game; you get them excited and keep them there..

One of the most human emotions and mental triggers is CURIOSITY. If you speak your prospect’s WIIFM language, deliver your product’s benefits and keep them thirst for the details of what your offer provides (aka keep them curious.)

Simply, they will jump in your lap, you’ll drive them crazy with desire to know more. They want to hear from you, which make your marketing to them much easier.

Apple product launches is a perfect case-study. They’re Bossier-Than-Ever!

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