It’s About THEM!

It’s About THEM!

It is about time to discuss briefly what does not work, so you don’t fall victim to “marketing suicide”. The fastest way to make sure your marketing message will not work is to talk about what interests you instead of what the target segment finds interesting.. You must craft your marketing message that will appeal to their selfish interests, how? I’m glad you asked..

In this post, I’ll highlight the main step.

It’s about THEM, not you!

To market effectively, you must think about who is your ideal prospect and get into their mind. You’ve to think about things from their perspective and what they want, but not your perspective and what you want! If you don’t speak to your prospects in terms of what they want, you might kill your business growth faster than you could ever imagine!

Almost all businesses and their marketing messages seem to overlook this critical point. These businesses are talking about themselves, their company, how great the founder of the company, how much they are in love with their own products or services..

Here’s the cold and harsh reality, your prospect doesn’t care much about you, your company, its products or services, or that your company made a fortune last year..

Your prospects are selfish, and they only care about themselves.

As my good friend Brian Tracy, world famous international author and speaker mentioned in one of his seminars:

All prospects listen to radio station WIIFM. Which stands for “What’s In It For Me?”

It is the number one reason you want to communicate effectively to your prospect, you have to speak their language. If all your prospects speak WIIFM as their primary language, then you better learn and master to speak it!

They’d listen to you forever if you talk about them, their needs and wants. Suddenly you will become the smartest, most interesting person in the world in their eyes..

If you do this effectively, your prospects will tell you how smart you are, how they feel they have known you their entire lives and how much they like you. It is one of the powerful rapport-building tool.. Everything begins and ends with the prospect in mind, It’s about them!

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