Inside Your Customer Head

Inside Your Customer Head

Customers! They’re the focus of any business, Customers make the sales that keep businesses alive, people who generate the demand for our products and services. The equation is becoming complex for businesses, because they need to know and profile their customers, influencers and distributors. They participate actively in generating the demand for our products and services.

Customers today are more different and individual, more demanding than ever. Their motivations and aspirations are complex and personal. It requires a highly intelligent and sharp marketer to decode them.

Classic marketing techniques and tactics have difficulty in making sense of such markets, because customers are no longer fit into simple formulas.

You maybe wondering now, what are some of the ways customers have changed. I’ve personally research this area carefully; I came cross the following points:

  • People value products less than ever before, and instead how they engage with brands is far important.
  • People value life more than money, preferring to deal in currencies such as knowledge, friendship or well-being rather than cash.
  • People seek to enhance the things they enjoy or value, and to minimize the things that they don’t enjoy or are not important to them.

Their attitude to brands and marketing has changed massively, I believe we live in the age of the intelligent customers. They will research your products or services, run price comparison more than your sales team, before they place a purchase order.

Businesses MUST work harder than ever towards Customer Satisfaction & Transparency!

The biggest challenge for marketing bosses to understand customers and develop solutions to their needs. In addition to connecting with their customers in appropriate ways that result in their satisfaction and a profit for businesses..

Let me know your thoughts, how do you look at what will happen NEXT?

About Khalid Al-Zanki

Product Launch Maven, Khalid Al-Zanki is a trusted expert at using product launch marketing to maximize online visibility, sales, build list, and establish life long joint venture relationships.

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  1. 1

    Great post really enjoyed reading it.

  2. 3
    Dr. John Hayes says:

    This is an important topic that most business owners seem to overlook. Many businesses attract the “wrong” customers and that creates frustration and more work for less money and appreciation. It’s important to understand what you expect from a customer, and to do that you’ve got to get inside the customer’s head and figure out the motivations. Otherwise you could spend most of your time trying to satisfy customers that can’t be satisfied — at least not the way you’re trying to satisfy them.

    • 4

      Unfortunately, many local businesses in Kuwait overlook, because the process of finding and profiling customers takes more time and resources. I had a conversation with a marketing guy last night about collecting customer data and analyzing it. He’s gave up doing that long time ago, because he noticed that most business owners don’t care much about it.. I’d say: “It requires more work!”

  3. 5

    I totally agree, the level of consumer intelligence has improved. Companies, specially, in the GCC countries they must spend more on research to improve the push-n-pull strategy for a better and longer relationship with customers. Thanks Khalid for sharing such valuable information.

    • 6

      You’re absolutely right. The biggest challenge with most businesses, they get so busy in day-to-day activities, which sometimes lead to losing existing customers! I’ve seen businesses going aggressive in attracting new customers and spend less time in satisfying their current customer-base..

  4. 7

    There is no doubt that the level of awareness is ever increasing in this age of information. None wants to be fooled around. If a business is
    keen on continuing itself, and not merely doing something for a short – term, value delivery is the key.
    The customer will be wanting the product or the service that he or she is opting for, but with a greater fulfilled dimension for the needs in trust, relationship & ‘after-the-deal-done-service’.

    • 8

      I’d rephrase your sentence: “Age of Information Overload.” Hope you don’t mind.. Few businesses focus on long-term, especially in Kuwait! I really hope to see more and more delivering great value and after-sales services. Recently I noticed that many businesses lack internal communication which really disturbs external communication.. Might effect business-to-customer relationship!

  5. 9

    I agree with you I think business should think of themselves as buyers before sellers after all everyone is a buyer, it will help companies understand the buyer’s fears , demands and I’ve noticed on twitter when business interact with customers not only about their products but in general topics it makes people trust them even more.
    thank you for sharing

    • 10

      Nice observation! They do that to generate a conversation with their followers to know more about their customers and/or potential customers. It feels good when you buy a product from a store, where the salesperson or business know something about you..

  6. 11
    Hessa Al-Najadah says:

    Hello “K” finally I read your article :p I have to admit it’s a nice topic, we need to know how are customers think specially now adays, because they are unpredictable & they can’t be satisfied no matter what!! Thus customers are the core of any company… Best of Luck with your new project… Go #TheMediaBoss *_^

  7. 13
    Jameel W. Karaki says:

    Its well written. I do agree with you in the points you mentions, however, there is a large number of customers in Kuwait, who want to utilize their gains with lower rates ignoring the fact of are the expert and i m giving my opinion as

    On the other hand, there are clients who demand creativity and quality. Its just a matter of taste and appreciation in my humble opinion.

  8. 14

    Well consumer behavior is a huge topic; an interesting choice to post, it could get very tricky, all that i would like to say for the moment is very simple, old age marketing was about the sender sending a message to the receiver. But in new age marketing the same sequence occurring but with a major difference; it is so easy for the receiver to communicate back to the sender. Here is the catch, will the marketing people try to take advantage of this communication evolution with regards to customers or not. Will they only try to sell or will they become more personalized. The ease of communication took things to another level; as a consumer and as a marketeer….. today it takes a lot more that just selling a good product/service to gain satisfaction.
    Thanks for a good topic to discuss looking forward to more posts. :)

  9. 15

    Busines is based on the relation between the seller and the buyer so, without customers there isn’t any business.

    Understand ur customers and u will CRUSH it ;)

    useful Topic!!!

  10. 16

    I recalled a book i read while ago, “buyology” it talks about how and why we buy

    in order to answer that ques, customers’ subconscious mind could be understood by many ways mentioned in the book

  11. 17
    Sama Al-Tabbakh says:

    Well written, I would like to share my opinion about how consumer tastes have been evolving in our era..I think its great to follow up customers who like creativity because they can definitely enhance your business needs.

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