Give THEM Headache

Give THEM Headache

What if building your business or launch was as easy as selling aspirin to people with headaches? What if you’ve created an atmosphere with every person you came across felt lucky, when you decided to let him or her take your offer? Where they jumped with joy if they were selected and approved just to get your product?

Would marketing become fun, exciting and simple!

If banks can do it, why can’t you do that in your business? Think about it for a minute. Banks make money by renting out money, right? So, how do people feel when they get approved for a loan? Usually they jump for joy and feel lucky, don’t they? How crazy is that? Ridiculous!

The secret of applying this into your marketing is to make your prospect want what you have before you offer it to them. In the marketing sense, there are only two main motivational reasons why someone will buy your product or service:

  1. Gain Pleasure.
  2. Avoid Pain.

More people will buy your product or service out of a desire to stop the pain than will EVER buy because of all pleasure they’ll get. They push aside the most powerful persuader they’ve got and overwhelm their prospects with why their offer is the greatest and why they’ve to “Get It Now!”

This will easily quadruple your marketing efforts, if you demonstrate all the pain that your prospect is currently living. This pain will stop if they’re lucky enough to be associated with your brand or business. On the other hand, you should present the benefits if your products or services. Your marketing results will boost!

Your marketing message should give people headaches and then cure their pain. Once a prospect knows what they’re missing and that there is a better way. They want a way to get there immediately, sometimes desperately want someone to provide them with the leadership and direction to change the situation. They instantly want someone to coach them, an expert to show them the way, a consultant to guide them and a trusted confidant advisers to provide advice.

Finally, if you combine the ideas from It’s About Them, Keep Them Curious and ideas above, you’ll create the feeling in your marketing message that you’re having a real conversation with them. All these ideas will pay off for your business in more ways that you can imagine.

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