Get Upgraded to Lions

Get Upgraded to Lions

It’s not just Macs that get upgraded to Lions.. For those of you who listen to rap music I am sure you have heard about Snoop Dogg’s name change to Snoop Lion. Considered by many as a veteran and long time running rap artist Snoop Dogg became famous in the mid nineties and is still going strong.

The reason for bringing him up in this post is he shows a great example how personal brands can undergo a paradigm shift.

“I want to bury Snoop Dogg and become Snoop Lion,”
~ Snoop at a press conference

The same way management communicates to its share holders the rebranding initiatives and how the company has evolved. Remember branding is not a one sided practice but it also includes customer development before positioning. This gets reflected in the operations, if you have a brand that got introduced in the market for doing A. but the recent years proved that getting into B. has its rewards then shouldn’t you accommodate?

According to an article ‘Rebranding: When Should You Consider It?‘ The reasons to rebrand can be customer interest, sales, and effectiveness of the brand name, if there is room for improvement then you should rebrand.  Click here to view article.

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