False Advertising

False Advertising

It is a known matter that there is some sort of governmental organization that obligates you to get a coded number if you print out any advertisement with an offer that involves money; i.e discounts, buy one get one free etc.

You must print that code on the printed document that will be included on the artwork. Sounds fair and if you ask me.

But this is not what I am currently concerned about.

I have recently noticed that there is no one to watch what is being sold to the consumer. So if some advertises a false concept; is there someone to stop them. I could think of two examples of false advertising; can you think of any?

Now how can organizations agree to such scams in an open communication market? Don’t they know that it could easily back fire on them. It is such a shame in this day and age marketers think that they could out smart the consumer like that.

I believe there should be a nonprofit organization setup to monitor these firms. It is enough that customer services are terrible; they should not be let to lie about what they could provide without being watched.

At the end of the day they are losing more than they are gaining. Some will fall for it and others will reject it; but who is there to make sure your rights as a consumer is given or for it not to happen to begin with. I am open to suggestions or if you know of any existing organization that would be great; so we can report these misleaders.

I will give you a hint about false advertising messages that I saw; bus advertising, a company that say they have a person and that person does not bake; another is a newspaper advert stating they have a product that does not yet in the market.

Can you guess the product or the service?

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    Rami, i loved your topic n have a question: why do we see the words ” terms n conditions apply” on the ads? and why do we always see it written in a small font n hidden somewhere in a scary corner of the layout? n why do the majority of boring marketers are sacrificing marketing over legal? don’t you feel afraid when you read ” terms n conditions apply”? cant we develop a selling product without cheating? is this marketing? Regards.

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    Rami Bedeir says:

    Fadi; i am glad you liked the topic. 2 things to reply to your comment. Sometimes marketing scams make money by confusing the consumer, therefore terms and conditions do apply! like a recent outdoor advert that was released stating in other words, whatever you need it shall be done; realistically speaking it cannot because there are a lot of procedures and terms and conditions must apply for you to take advantage of the promotion!
    the other point is terms and conditions may protect you as a marketer from the a crazy consumer that will stop at nothing to suck the blood out of the business.
    so it is a 2 way thing depends on how you look at it really! :)

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