Creativity and Crowdsourcing

Creativity and Crowdsourcing

All new innovations are products of available ideas, we just tend to create newer hybrids to serve target needs. When you ask a child to draw an alien from another planet they would pretty much create a creature that has characteristics of known animals such as bird’s beak with a fish’s tale and such.

It all depends on the available conceptual reference a person has to cross-hybrid the ideas with each other. Who get’s an advantage in this are individuals who see the world differently while acknowledging others’ perceptions such as artists and musician, bilingual individuals who can communicate with others from an array of cultures and let’s not forget those who are born into 2 cultures or bi-culturalism.

The internet is a game changer and it helped giving birth to a new concept called ‘crowdsourcing‘. Crowdsourcing is when you open the doors to a crowd to contribute giving you more options. With crowdsourcing you could tap into a wider conceptional references or a multicultural crowd, that’s how I found out about Idea Bounty.  Idea Bounty is a website where corporations go to get new ideas and pay individuals with the winning idea. Imagine having an active think tank ready to provide you with creative solutions.

There are others like Idea Bounty for different needs just remember that you could always rely on a creative crowd all around the world to solve a local problem. Who knows maybe someone from the other side of the planet just might be the expert you are looking for.

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    Done that and tried that! :) Thanks to you :)

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