Business Launch Machine

Business Launch Machine

I’ll share thoughts that might help you to go beyond just one launch and really build a business. Along with some of things you need to think about to do that..

Business Launch Machine basically uses principles, strategies and tactics of product launch. It leverages them to build your entire business, so it goes beyond one single launch. You’ll start orchestrating the triggers and sequences of product launch to stack your launches, stack one launch after another, and stack the positioning, influence and connections within your business.

Number one thing you have to bring to your business is “Think Strategically”.

There are different definitions for thinking strategically, but I want you to think and imagine Sun Tzu’s statement for few seconds..

“The battle is always won before you set foot on the battlefield.”
~ Sun Tzu, Author of The Art of War

I agree. It is about thinking the battle before you get to the battlefield. It is about thinking long-term, rather than thinking about short-term. I believe, it is the one thing that would set you apart!

If you really want to build a business for future, you must be thinking strategically. Here’s few questions you need to think about;

  • How your launch will setup for the next launch?
  • How your launch helps positioning your brand?
  • How your launch can attract new joint venture partners or affiliates?
  • How your launch can help to build up the size of your prospect list?
  • How your launch can keep the momentum for your upcoming launch?
  • What testing methodology can you use during the launch?
  • How your launch helps you create new products?
  • How your launch can position for higher price product for your next launch?
  • How your launch helps you setup for your next product?
  • How you can get more case studies or more testimonials for your product?
  • Can your story carry over your launch for future launches?
  • What could your launch tell you about the market?
  • Which story or marketing tactic converts better?
  • What get more comments and interactions in your launch sequences?
  • What gets people more excited during the launch?

A lot of things to help you think about the big picture, and think strategically to go beyond one launch.. Sometimes you have to decide between maximizing your result in a launch and long-term value. There is no right or wrong answer!

Certainly in your first launch, you’ll not be able to think about of everything.. But as you go through launches and start gaining experience. You’re going to crush it!

About Khalid Al-Zanki

Product Launch Maven, Khalid Al-Zanki is a trusted expert at using product launch marketing to maximize online visibility, sales, build list, and establish life long joint venture relationships.

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  1. 1

    Well said . but here is my opinion
    Launching a product could be quite devastating “I’ve been in the situation” . However, it’s challenging somehow and fun in another. First launching could be hard unless you have like a good communication skills base . For example , making people eager to know what is the product that you are launching by ,for example , creating a twitter account about with the name of that product . Like your blog Khalid . twitter account with the name ” The media boss ” . if I followed you i’ll start to wonder what this could be . HERE and only here you get the attention of people . and here you are quite have the guts to release your product with a smile

    • 2

      If you’re planning for your first launch, you might feel like that.. I’ve shared a great post about Product Launch Stress that includes couple of ideas or systems to make your life little bit easier. For example, you must plan your launch rather than running a launch without blueprint.. As you manage your own launch, one of the core skills set required is “Communication Skills”.

      With regards to having a twitter account for each single product, I’d say: “It depends 100% on your desired outcomes.” We’ve created an account for @TheMediaBossCom just to channel our communication in one account, because we’ve 11 authors “Boss(s)” contributing #LikeABoss with great content. It would be great if users follow all of us, but tweeps prefer to follow certain authors or follow @TheMediaBossCom to get notification, interact and engage with The Media Boss(s).. Hope we’re doing great job so far “wink”

  2. 3

    What you have said is true, the launching should be serving the long term brand life cycle and not the short term objective. Most of the businesses tend to follow the theory of the rocket effect through launching for some extra bucks which is wrong cause the faster you go higher the faster you will reach your climate and start declining again.

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