Brands and Integrated PR

Brands and Integrated PR

The fact that the PR industry is in a state of heightened change, with bloggers proliferating and print media continually on the decline, actually the PR industry has a great deal to offer for the fledgling social media sector, on the basis of knowledge that has been hard fought and learned in the industry’s history.

The PRs treat content in a very specific way. PR-generated content tends to conform closely to brand guidelines, will be pre-approved by appropriate stakeholders and will, typically, align with an overall narrative about the brand or business behind the story.

Whilst this may seem impractical at first, treating tweets, posts and updates like pre-approved, micro-press announcements, to be appended, revised or replaced at the last minute if and as required with content that is reactive to whatever is happening at the time, ensures that the spine of any social media program is closely tied to a brand’s other marketing activities.

Moreover, this process allows a terrific visibility over the narrative which is being told across the social profiles overs weeks and months, rather than on a post-by-post basis.

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