Branding and Neuroscience

Branding and Neuroscience

Coca Cola marketing strategies give a lot of credit to the Russian psychologist Ivan Pavlov who’s known for getting his dog to salivate when hearing a bell ring. A lot would claim branding is visual but that would limit them to their corporate identity manual, and some would say branding is invisible referring to the unseen positioning happening in the mind.

The reason why I said ‘mind’ and notbrain’ is exactly my point of this post.

When you provide excellent service in your branches you are associating or ‘priming’ the service level to your brand. Every thought is a unit in the nervous system called neurons that form a dendrite-connection to another neuron when learned that these two usually go together. This is why the best ways to brainstorm for a brand strategy is mind mapping or hanging files.

That’s how value is perceived in so many items we buy. Knowing what it represents, how to communicate it to the public and allowing them to connect the concepts together is the process in which we call branding.

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    Brilliant :)

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    Hussain Al-Essa says:

    Thanks Ghadeer! Appreciate the comments :-)

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    Great article! :)

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