BMW: Buckle Up

BMW: Buckle Up

Following its participation in Gulf Traffic week, Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive (AAS), the BMW Group importer in Kuwait, is continuing to promote road safety on the roads of Kuwait by distributing 100 child booster car seat cushions and educational brochures to families at its BMW 3 Series stand display at The Avenues Mall started from Sunday, 27th of May.

With the aim of educating families about the importance of wearing seatbelts and using child safety restraints in cars, Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive will offer complimentary booster cushions to families with children between the ages of 6 and 11 years and weighing between 22kg and 36kg (the internationally recognised safest weights).

This initiative is part of BMW Group Middle East’s award-winning ‘Stay Alert. Stay Alive.’ campaign which was launched in 2010 with a focus on educating the public about the importance of using appropriate safety restraints while travelling by car, particularly those for children. The campaign was a resounding success with thousands of child safety booster seats distributed to parents throughout public awareness events.

“Raising awareness of road safety should be a sustained and united effort. The government, automotive companies and the general public all have a vital role to play in encouraging a safe driving culture in our community.

As a leader in the automotive industry in Kuwait, we have taken on this responsibility, under our corporate social responsibility programme, because the more people who know how to protect themselves on the roads, the less likely they are to suffer severe or even fatal road traffic injuries. When children graduate out of the car seat, they need to be in a booster seat because adult seatbelts won’t fit them properly. In the case of an accident, booster seats can cut serious injuries by half.”

~ Yousef Al-Qatami, General Manager
Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive

Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive is committed to supporting the core national initiatives, particularly ones which help the well-being of the Kuwaiti society. Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive is the exclusive importer for BMW, MINI, Land Rover, McLaren and Rolls-Royce automobiles in Kuwait. One of the oldest premium car importers in the region,

AAS began its relationship with the BMW Group in 1986 when it became their exclusive importer in Kuwait.

Source: [Ali Alghanim & Sons]
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