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Blog Me This

So you call yourself a social media guru, a social media activist or/and a social media specialist! You blog about things that are around you or you have experienced or you blog once a year. Personal and not so personal, looking to build up a community of readers that will visit your site. “I care about my readers and I try to provide them with what is always new and beneficial.” says a local blogger.

That is all fine by me; yes you can do whatever you like online. You want the traffic so you can show that you have readers then aim to get a sponsorship or 2!

Marketing managers would like that, if the price is right and the readers are of a specific segmentation. So they go ahead and purchase advertising space on your awesome blog!

Now here is my opinion. There are plenty of blogs out there with very similar looks and feels and most importantly content. So basically you do not have a wide variety of choice.

Will you go for the space? Just a picture on the sidebar stating your product or promotion, hoping to get a few clicks. Nice! Did you sell your product now?

I do a lot of surfing online and I see that all blogs have advertising space, some are full and others are empty looking for that opportunity of extra cash.

Personally, I try to notice the style of writing if there is any! I could quickly tell if the blogger wrote the post or it was given to him by a client.

Here it is the main subject of the article. Should advertisers go for the sidebar advertising space or have the blogger write something about their product?

To answer that you will have to go back to the core of marketing and do some research.

Lets give a live experience. As I previously mentioned, I do surf the internet and I always find the big spenders on the sidebars which I usually ignore unless it catches my eye; which is very rare. I always go for content, so a fellow blogger wrote a post about a product that was pretty cool and added their Facebook link. I visited their page, it was not something fancy, but in the end I purchased the product.

So will you be a blogger to provide advertising content or just advertising space? Will you blog for money or will you blog for passion? What is your blogging passion?

The fact of the matter is that marketing managers do not think anymore! All they do is find the easiest solution, yes let us put this banner in all the major blogs, will that sell your product? … You think?

Let me know how yo feel about the level of online advertising in your opinion..

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I love my job and I love marketing, a good challenge is always fantastic; positivity is a must. I'm speaking my mind, sharing knowledge & looking to learn always.

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