Advertising Opportunities

Advertising Opportunities


Founded newly in 2012 by Eng. Khalid Al-Zanki (Most Influential Online Person 2010 – Ranked #58 worldwide – via Fast Company Magazine), THE MEDIA BOSS is the source for news in marketing, product launches, Internet marketing, social media and technology. Although THE MEDIA BOSS Blog is newly born, we’re expecting a good number of unique monthly visitors, THE MEDIA BOSS delivers the most professional breaking insights and ideas on the web, providing analysis of trends, launches of products and services, and offering marketing resources and guides.

THE MEDIA BOSS’s audience includes entrepreneurs, influencers, early adopters & professionals in marketing and social media, information technology, brands and corporations. THE MEDIA BOSS will also become popular very soon with bloggers, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest users.

Simply, it is different and unique. THE MEDIA BOSS(S) is not just a regular blog, Eng. Khalid Al-Zanki came with idea to build specialized community of qualified marketing & media professionals. They share great ideas, insights and real-life experiences with THE MEDIA BOSS audience.

THE MEDIA BOSS(S) list is published in the sidebar. Click on boss(s) name to read their posts/articles.

Site Advertising Opportunities

THE MEDIA BOSS offers a variety of advertising options that may be rented for a week or a month. Our pricing is competitive and our Media Kit offers a full profile on THE MEDIA BOSS including key demographics and analytics, including social media. To receive your copy, contact us.

We offer two different Standard Ad packages:

  1. Standard Ad
  2. Pop Slider Ad