A World of Social Business

A World of Social Business

In the World of Social Media the Social strategists are constantly assessing the best way they can plan successful social initiatives and optimize their programs as new opportunities arise. With an ever-changing landscape of platforms, tactics and technology, this list is seemingly endless.

The dawn of social business is here, and what that means for anyone working in social media is that there are more opportunities – and challenges – to mature social efforts across the business.

I believe companies should focus less on marketing the brand externally; and instead, focus on creating shared value with customers, partners and employees.

The behavior of your network, and those you want to be in your network, provides the key to how you can

better connect with them. For most companies, sharing content all about yourself won’t help you create

meaningful connections that lead to engagement and relationship building. Keeping a pulse on the social

conversations and actions of your audience can help inform whether or not your company is actually

important to them, as well as help drive your social initiatives.

About Hind Al-Nahedh

I'm passionate about corporate communications, integrated marketing and social media where my creative initiative, ideas and genuine enthusiasm continues to produce breakthroughs.

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